NST AUDIO Products

NST AUDIO offers next-generation DSP-based hardware and software for Pro Audio applications.

– Hardware

D48S Matrix Signal Processor

Based on the same great analogue design as our D48 matrix processor but with a brand new DSP engine, the D48S adds a range of new audio tools to your system.

ID48 Installation Matrix Signal Processor

Based on our acclaimed technology, the ID48 offers all of the DSP power and flexibility you will ever need, in a package ideally suited to installation applications.

OEM Products

A variety of OEM solutions are available, from per-channel based software licensing to complete hardware build.

– Wall Plates

VR1 PoE Remote Control Panel

The VR1 wall panel remote is designed to allow simple and intuitive remote control of specific parameters within NST Audio processors.

– Software

D-Net System Control Software

Ethernet based control software for PC, Mac and iPad.

– Discontinued

D48 Matrix Signal Processor

The original D48 processor that bought NST Audio to the attention of the audio world. .