OEM Products

One of the key design goals for NST Audio products was to make the core DSP technology and networked software control easily transferrable to custom implementations and OEM designs. This has resulted in a DSP platform which offers a unique combination of off-the-shelf customisation and straightforward integration into OEM products.

A variety of OEM solutions are available, from per-channel based software licensing to complete hardware build. The aim of this approach is to allow an OEM to take advantage of their own strengths while using as much of the NST Audio technology and services as they need.

D48 – OEM Model

For integration of DSP into existing OEM products, NST Audio offer various reference designs with full design support and customisation options. Ethernet based PC software control is provided as standard with branding options and interface customisation available. Mac and iPad control options will be available mid-2015.

MX1 & DX1 OEM Cards