A world-class team of experienced industry professionals

In 2014, A world-class team of experienced industry professionals joined forces – long time audio software and design engineer, Dan Cartman; industry legend and co-founder of XTA Electronics, Andrew Grayland, and live-sound engineer and systems expert, Phil Key, to form NST AUDIO Ltd.

With expertise and knowledge developed over decades of experience in pro-audio at the highest level, NST AUDIO has world-class audio electronic designers, software developers, live-sound engineers, expert management and superior product support on-board.

Experts in DSP-based hardware and software for the audio industries

NST AUDIO brings together broad expertise and depth of experience in the field of pro audio, specifically DSP and software design and implementation, in order to design hardware and software solutions for audio networks and to supply own brand, OEM and licensed DSP based software and hardware.

The approach to product design at NST AUDIO is underpinned by three fundamentally important philosophies: reliability, audio quality and functionality. Utilising the very latest remote communication technology, while at the same time exploring its boundaries, NST is committed to the production of high fidelity, flexible products, which will compete in the market at the highest level.