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Case Study: Brewdog Brisbane

Introduction Not content with one tap-house in the city, Brewdog have expanded their offering in Brisbane to encompass a beautiful heritage listed building in the up and coming Brunswick Street area near the main train station. This building could not be more different in appearance from their other location in town – the urban utility styled…

Ballroom house party in full swing...

Dirtybird CampInn with NST Audio

The Dirtybird record label, founded in 2005, is home to a host of renowned house and techhouse artists from all across the world, including the founder Claude VonStroke and is based in San Francisco. Dirtybird hosted the increasingly popular alternative to their CampOut festival, the CampInn festival – in their own words: “the communal experience…

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Copenhagen Den Anden Side focus on quality with NST

The famous “Daddy’s Dancehall” in Copenhagen has a history of new wave and punk gigs that reads like a “who’s who” of the 70s and 80s…Blondie, Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop…and then in the 90s, closed.  This shuttered gig mecca has now been given a second life, reopening this month as “Den Anden Side”…

Launch event for the grand reopening!  [image courtesy of]

Tao Beach Audio Flex with NST

“The venue is becoming known as the best sounding system in Vegas and has raised the bar on all venues, not just day clubs.” The Tao Group don’t do things by halves.  With a portfolio of premium venues encompassing nightclubs, dayclubs and restaurants, combining incredible culinary skills, amazing décor and architecture in all the right…

Our smart new frontage - plenty of windows were a prerequisite!

NST Audio Expands Premises

“It’s been lovely here on the farm, but having to go across the yard to the toilet was wearing a bit thin!” So jokes Dan Cartman, NST’s managing director, about the move to a newly specced factory and office location. “We have enjoyed the rural location for a long time now, but we’ve totally run…

Good to meet you - let's chat.  Wine?

NST Spotlight: Edgar Lien

We often hear about those audio engineers and technicians who have spent their life on the road and been involved in touring and live audio since they were in a band aged 11 years old.  Eating, breathing and sleeping rock’n’roll.  So far, so Stones/Metallica/insert aging rock band as appropriate. What you don’t hear so much…


Prolight & Sound is Back (in China!)

With every concert event, exhibition and festival being on hold for the past 18+ months, it’s great to be able to share some photos from the recent ProLight & Sound exhibition that took place last month in Guangzhou, China. Staged at the China Import & Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, the exhibition featured over 1300…

Tino profile

NST Spotlight: Tino Reschke

Tino has been a fan of NST for quite a while now, and it was a particular photo on social media that caught our attention, and our need to find out the back-story…but before that, some background on the man himself.  In his own words, “I work as a Funktion-One specialised audio engineer (he considers…

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VM-exico…Loto Audio specs NST for Cancún & Tulum installs.

“The NST VR1 was very useful for the end users to switch inputs from the DJ and live musicians to a background music player.” Alexander Danielewicz – Loto Audio. Three sizeable installations at three top-class restaurant venues comprising Funktion One speaker systems with processing and control by NST Audio: Harry’s Cancún uses VMX88 processing and…


FIR Filters Explained

Introduction FIR filters have become increasingly popular in pro-audio in recent years. This has partly been driven by the availability of more powerful DSPs which are able to process multiple FIR filters in real-time. However, whilst FIR filters are a powerful tool they are also frequently misunderstood. This article will try (without going into the…

D-Net Software

D-Net v1.11 Release

The last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster for everybody, but we’ve been putting our lockdown time to good use and now D-Net v1.11 is ready to go. This version has turned out to be a bit more than a your usual minor update, so it’s worth a little more explanation about…


Side Bar San Diego

Check out the stunning Side Bar Nightclub in San Diego, California, USA! Sound Investment Audio designed the setup and installed all the equipment, including NST Audio D48S processors.

NST Audio
NST Audio
NST Audio3 days ago
Warehouse enough for you? 👊👂💋
NST Audio
NST Audio1 week ago
We’re delighted to introduce two new staff members to you, both of whom started in July, and have liked it enough so far to stay 😉

Alex (in jeans) has recently graduated from the University of York and has joined us permanently as a software engineer. Dawid (in shorts) who started on the same day (!) is with us for a year on industrial placement from the very same university.

York is clearly a hotspot for talent, and we hope that they both enjoy working with us!

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NST Audio
NST Audio2 weeks ago
Did you know that the VMX88 can switch between analogue and Dante sources, without needing Dante controller? The two independent matrices means you can store presets with different routing and switch between them without affecting any input or output EQ.

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NST Audio
NST Audio2 weeks ago
Make it yours - Glowup! The VR2 features fully customisable LED sidebars to blend with your venue aesthetic, or to aid user navigation.
Find out NST VR2.

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NST Audio
NST Audio
NST Audio2 weeks ago
Great bit of Q&A and training with the GDS Sound and Light crew this week at their HQ, as they get up to speed on VR1 and VR2 config and what’s in a VMX88.

L-R Chris, John and Charlie, plus cool custom GDS logos 👌
Thanks for having us! 👍

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