ID48X Installation Matrix Signal Processor


Now in its third generation, the ID48X offers the same audio performance and remote control flexibility as our acclaimed D48X in a package ideally suited to installation applications.

ID48X Overview

With inputs and outputs switchable in channel pairs between analogue or AES/EBU the ID48X gives you the flexibility you need to integrate into your system.

Compressors are available on every input as well as a high pass filter, 8 bands of parametric EQ, a 28 band graphic EQ, 3 bands of dynamic EQ and up to 1.3 seconds of delay. Routing to outputs can be configured to either mix-matrix mode, free-routing or several pre-configured routing options.

Flexible channel linking enables quick and easy configuration of common crossover setups or customised configurations as required. Every output channel has high and low pass filters, 16 bands of parametric EQ and up to 1.3 seconds of delay. FIR filtering is also supported.

Our Predictive eXcursion Limiter (PXL) algorithm, on every output, is designed to offer the best driver protection with the lowest distortion.

A new USB-C front panel connection with Ethernet bridging means you can plug into any device and control the entire network. Additionally, a new Ethernet dual port switch in every unit means flexible connection options - either quick daisy chaining of devices or traditional star routing back to a dedicated external router/switch.

Our D-Net Ethernet based control software for PC, Mac and iPad gives you the ability to not only control all the devices on a network but also to store preset memories and configure systems offline.

With enhanced audio performance thanks to the latest ESS AD/DA converter chipsets increasing the already impressive dynamic range and reducing THD+N figures, the ID48X offers even more than ever before.


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The latest firmware, for NST Audio devices, is included as part of the D-Net software, that can be downloaded from the D-Net page:

   Download D-Net Software