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Revision History

D-Net V1.6.1 release includes the additional following features:

  • Firmware update for all devices to fix EQ loading bug

D-Net V1.6 release includes the additional following features:

  • Compatibility with the VR1 PoE Remote Panel
  • Locked preset functionality for all devices
  • Firmware updates for all devices (DX1 v0.6.0.375, DX2 v0.1.0.129)
  • Simple Ethernet control protocol for Crestron control of DX1 devices
  • Multiple minor bug fixes and reliability improvements

D-Net V1.5 release includes the additional following features:

  • Firmware update to for all D48 and ID48 devices
  • Firmware update to for all D48S devices
  • 2-Stage PXL limiters now available at 48k on D48 and ID48 devices
  • Improvements to USB reliability on all devices
  • Bug Fix : D48S routing modes not set correctly when created from front panel
  • Bug Fix : D48S Ethernet discovery issues on large networks
  • Multiple minor bug fixes

D-Net V1.4 release includes the additional following features:

  • D48S support added
  • Minor bug fixes
  • General performance improvements

D-Net V1.3.1 release includes the additional following features:

  • Bug fix: D48 USB communication bug fix [Windows only]

D-Net V1.3 release includes the additional following features:

  • Firmware update to for all devices
  • Preset recall options: mute on recall, recall input/matrix/output sections only
  • Selective locking of device control panels in software
  • Improvements to USB performance
  • Tidy up of device control panels
  • Added Funktion One F1-ID48 device
  • Bug fix: Routing wizard crossover setup allows correct entry of decimals in French
  • Bug fix: Delay increments now correct when editing delay on D48 front panel
  • Bug fix: Unity BB-DSP devices now load/save preset libraries and current settings correctly
  • Bug fix : Correction in calculation of parametric EQ Q-factor
  • General minor bug fixes and performance improvements

D-Net V1.2 release includes the additional following features:

  • Compressor, Matrix, HPF and LPF text boxes added to tab order
  • Bypass All EQ button added to EQ pages
  • Improvement for Retina displays on Mac
  • All Pass Filters added
  • Linking devices while online no longer hangs metering
  • Software now remembers last EQ selected when switching between pages
  • Application settings button added to toolbar
  • Fixed iOS Sierra network problem
  • ID48 now flashes all LEDs when ID button is pressed
  • Fixed compressor meters not always being displayed correctly
  • Shift+cursor keys increments delay in 1/10th of default increment
  • Additional copy & paste options for EQ and DEQ added to right click menu options
  • Using text boxes as faders is now an option in settings (default on)
  • New firmware for all devices:
  • D48 double press edit key shows last parameter edited
  • D48 now has no display timeout when editing parameters
  • D48 menu timeout increased to 30 seconds
  • D48 phase screen on front panel remain unlinked if channel links are in use
  • Performance improvements when running at 48kHz
  • General minor bug fixes

D-Net V1.1 release includes the additional following features:

  • Mac version
  • New crossover page added to Routing Wizard to speed up creation of multi-way crossover settings
  • Copy and paste of device settings on right click menu
  • Copy and paste of input or output channel settings (EQ, crossovers, delay, gain, mute, phase, limiters, compressors, DEQ) on right click menu
  • New output channel settings save to/load from file to create output channel presets on right click menu
  • Improved speed of device discovery when going online
  • Ability to view global EQ/crossover settings on input and output channels
  • New firmware for all devices with additional warnings in software when firmware upgrades are available
  • D48 can create basic crossovers from front panel
  • D48 can lock its front panel but still allow preset recall and mutes
  • D48 can set phase from front panel
  • D48 has new System Menu on front panel (contains LCD Brightness, MAC address, IP address, firmware version)
  • Settings now copy between devices when adding them to a device link
  • Channel settings now copy between channels (lowest channel is master) when channel linking is changed
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

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Dynamic EQ Display


Parametric EQ Display