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The source for all of our technical documents explaining technologies in NST products and how to use them. From the basics to the advanced, it's all here...

Protection and Limiters

Limiters Part 1 of 2
How limiters function and how to use them correctly.

Limiters Part 2 of 2
Setting the correct thresholds and interpreting limiter metering in D-Net.

Dynamic EQ

DEQ Part 1 of 2
A look into the basics of what DEQ is and how it's most commonly used.

DEQ Part 2 of 2
A more in-depth look at some of the more esoteric uses of DEQ.

FIR Filtering

FIR Part 1 of 2
The basics of FIR filtering, what it is, and how it relates to IIR filtering

FIR Part 2 of 2
A more technical explanation of FIR filtering and a discussion of its advantages and limitations

Video Training

VR1 - Configuration and Set-up Guides