V-Remote for iPhone and iPad

V-Remote offers roaming convenience with simple control of key audio system features

The V-Remote app is designed for roaming control of any NST audio system; quick to configure and easy for end users to access and use.

V-Remote Overview

V-Remote is programmed using the NST Audio D-Net application, and can be set-up to allow control of one or more NST Audio processors connected to the same network*.

V-Remote allows multiple pages of custom remote access to the following parameters :

  • Channel and matrix gains
  • Output source selection
  • Preset recall
  • Metering

Multiple parameters across multiple devices can be assigned to a single control allowing, for example, different presets to all be recalled on different units, or gains adjusted at the same time via a single control.

Crucially, the configuration of the app is stored within the audio system** so anyone can download the app and it will configure itself automatically with no programming.

To keep the controls secure, multiple users with PINs can also be configured, with individual user’s access set as required.

V-Remote complements our other Venue Remotes:


*requires WiFi access to the network
**currently supports storage in VMX88/88L - requires D-Net V2.1.0 or later


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Explore how to set up and configure V-Remote.



The V-Remote app is downloaded on the Apple App Store and is compatible with iOS 14 or later.  You'll also need to download D-Net to configure the app:

   Download D-Net Software


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