VMO16 Audio Installation Processor


Designed using NST second-generation DSP designs, the VMO16 brings no-compromise audio performance and system control to Dante networked audio installations.

VMO16 Overview

The VMO16 brings all the benefits and experience of our live sound filters and dynamics algorithms to an installation product. The 16 inputs from the Dante network go to a full 16x16 matrix mixer allowing any Dante networked inputs to be routed to any analogue output channel. All of the 16 analogue outputs have 16 bands of parametric EQ, 48dB/ Oct high and low pass filters, up to 1.3 seconds of delay as well as our high performance, two-stage PXL limiters for high performance loudspeaker protection.

All analogue audio connections are on Phoenix-type 3-pin 5.08mm pitch connectors. The 4 GPI connections allow configurable actions such as fire alarm mutes and preset recalls. Up to 30 presets can be stored with recall options allowing selective recall combinations of input, matrix and output sections.

Our D-Net control software for PC, Mac and iPad gives you complete control over ethernet amd wifi. The VMO16 is also fully compatible with all our Venue Remotes for simple, flexible user control. Control via third party systems such as Crestron™ is available via our simple ethernet control protocol.


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The latest firmware, for NST Audio devices, is included as part of the D-Net software, that can be downloaded from the D-Net page:

   Download D-Net Software