D-Net v1.11 Release

D-Net Software

The last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster for everybody, but we’ve been putting our lockdown time to good use and now D-Net v1.11 is ready to go. This version has turned out to be a bit more than a your usual minor update, so it’s worth a little more explanation about some of the new features we’ve added.

The main new feature in v1.11 is the addition of FIR filtering to the D48S. FIR filters are becoming a requirement for many loudspeaker manufacturers, so this makes the D48S an option to a much wider range of users. To enable the FIR filters, the D48S needs a firmware update (D-Net will tell you this when you go online) and a reboot. Although the use of FIR filters is mainly intended for loudspeaker OEMs to design their own presets, instructions on how to use them are included in the D-Net v1.11 User Manual. We’ll do a separate post in the near future with a bit more detail on demystifying FIR filters as it’s a much misunderstood subject.

The VMX88 has also now added the option for source selection on its Dante Outputs. These outputs can now be sourced from any channel either after input processing, after the routing matrix, or after the output processing. Again, this feature simply needs a firmware update to enable it, which D-Net will indicate when you go online.

D-Net also now supports the use of two network connections simultaneously. If your PC/Mac/iPad has two network interfaces available (commonly both wifi and wired ethernet), the D-Net will search for and communicate with NST devices on both interfaces at the same time. This solves the potential problem (especially on laptops) where D-Net would be looking for devices on wifi when they were actually connected on a wired interface.

There’s also a long, long list of minor tweaks and improvements : ethernet comms speed has been improved, security of locked units has been tightened, device and channel linking objects have had an overhaul. And of course we’ve also squashed a few bugs along the way!