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Dreamy D48 in California

DJ Event in Laytonville, California with Funktion One speakers, FFA Amplification, and NST Audio D48 processing


Matrix in Miami

Miami’s E11EVEN club receives upgrade to NST Audio ID48 signal processing. “Clearer, smoother mid/high range and superior overall sound quality.” with Sound Investment East Coast


Rocketing Along with NST Audio

DEFUNKT after hours events, Houston, TX All powered by NST Audio and FFA HSD Source15’s monitor system


NST Audio Sings in Cologne

The Nightingale in Cologn, Ehrenfeld has a new sound system! Funktion One BR18, F81, F55. Powered by Full Fat Audio and NST Audio With


Planet NST Audio at Planet Warehouse, Netherlands.

4 x Funktion One Res4, 8 x F218 subs, 2 x Res2 backfill, 2 x Res2 + 2 x F218 delay, 2 x Res2 monitors. MC2 Audio amp racks with NST Audio processing. From Blue Sigma


NST Audio Installed in Boston, Massachusetts

NST Audio processors have been installed at a venue in Boston, Massachusetts with Sound Investment East Coast


NST Audio at College Demo, Edinburgh, Scotland

NST Audio processors, with D-Net control, being used to show students the ropes at a college demonstration, Edinburgh, Scotland.


NST Audio at New York’s City of Gods Halloween Event

All Systems Go at City of Gods New York with Main System: Funktion One 6 x F221, 4 x F215 Mk2, 6 x EVO7 Backfills: Funktion One 4 x F121, 2 x EVO7 Monitors: Funktion One 2 x BR118, 2 x R3SH All powered by Full Fat Audio with NST Audio processing

Bewdley Festival 2

NST Audio D48S Processors at Bewdley Festival

At this year’s 10-day Bewdley Festival, the system drive was handled by NST Audio D48S processors, controlled by D-Net from Front of House over a WiFi link. The festival saw a multitude of artists from bands such as Roger McGough and LiTTLe MACHiNe, 10cc’s Graham Gouldman, T’pau, and The Tom Robinson Band. There was also…


D-Net V1.5 Release

D-Net V1.5 is now available to download for Windows, Mac and iPad. Our amazingly skilled R&D department have been hard at work, once again, and have released v1.5 of D-Net. The update is available to download for PC and Mac from the NST website now. The iPad update is available though the Apple App Store!…


Ever wondered who NST Audio are?

About Us A world-class team of experienced industry professionals NST Audio, founded in 2014, is a world-class team of experienced industry professionals and experts in DSP-based hardware and software for the professional audio industries. We have a combined experience of over 70 years, and draw on this to attain the finest possible audio quality and…


NST at Dekmantel Festival, Amsterdam, 2017 Main Stage

Dekmantel festival 2017 main stage with Funktion-One NL RES 5T/4D clusters+16x V221 and 2x F132A ultra sub. Monitoring by 2x PSM-318 Amps: Full Fat Audio 6004 + 10.000s DSP: NST Audio D48s