NST Audio D-Net Software now Available for Mac

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Version Update Changes:

  • Mac version
  • New crossover page added to Routing Wizard to speed up creation of multi-way crossover settings
  • Copy and paste of device settings on right click menu
  • Copy and paste of input or output channel settings (EQ, crossovers, delay, gain, mute, phase, limiters, compressors, DEQ) on right click menu
  • New output channel settings save to/load from file to create output channel presets on right click menu
  • Improved speed of device discovery when going online
  • Ability to view global EQ/crossover settings on input and output channels
  • New firmware for all devices with additional warnings in software when firmware upgrades are available
  • D48 can create basic crossovers from front panel
  • D48 can lock its front panel but still allow preset recall and mutes
  • D48 can set phase from front panel
  • D48 has new System Menu on front panel (contains LCD Brightness, MAC and IP address, firmware version)
  • Settings now copy between devices when adding them to a device link
  • Channel settings now copy between channels (lowest channel is master) when channel linking is changed
  • Lots of minor bug fixes