NST Audio Expands Premises

“It’s been lovely here on the farm, but having to go across the yard to the toilet was wearing a bit thin!”

So jokes Dan Cartman, NST’s managing director, about the move to a newly specced factory and office location.

“We have enjoyed the rural location for a long time now, but we’ve totally run out of space and massively needed to expand, so that’s just what’s we’ve done.”

Great view from the old site across the farmland (Dan during ProAVL Interview)

Whilst still located on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Malton in North Yorkshire, NST’s move to a new facility came with some important improvements.

Old rural site complete with pond (just above factory)…

On top of the obvious requirement for more space – the new site is approximately four times the size of the previous farm offices – there were additional boxes that needed to be ticked.

New site still has the views – out the back is the river Derwent…

“Obviously making sure the new address wasn’t too far for staff to travel was very important, but we also wanted to ensure that things were better day to day for everyone,” Dan explains.

“Being in the middle of farmland with beautiful views is certainly appealing in the height of summer but, during a harsh Yorkshire winter, driving up narrow treacherous snowy lanes to get to work is less so, and keeping the original converted farm building warm was not an easy task!”

With that in mind, the new factory and offices are easier to get to, and brand new with modern insulation(!) and improved production, test and R&D facilities.  Dan adds “We also have the option to expand further to a second storey so can double our space again later without the same upheaval.”

Our smart new frontage – plenty of windows were a prerequisite!

“As we were the first company into these brand new units, we got to determine the layout and design it to work best for our manufacturing and engineering needs, as well as better facilities for everyone.”

“And yes – that includes inside loos!”