NST Spotlight: Tino Reschke

He literally wakes up in a cab every day looking this fresh…

Tino has been a fan of NST for quite a while now, and it was a particular photo on social media that caught our attention, and our need to find out the back-story…but before that, some background on the man himself.  In his own words, “I work as a Funktion-One specialised audio engineer (he considers himself more of an ‘audio freak’!) mostly around Denmark and Germany, where I first started off as a part of the Frankfurt based official F1 rental “positive vibrations”.  Tino has a love for all things purple, but also all things magenta in the form of FFA amplification.

The photo that intrigued us was this one:

See past the water bottles and listen to the music…

“The photo is from last summer when some friends and I decided to A/B compare a range of different Funktion-One loudspeakers and amplifiers. We went out to an abandoned military base and set up some stuff. ;)” Tino told us.  As you can see from the picture, all the processing used to facilitate these comparisons was none other than D48 units and the FFA branded versions.

“I had bought my pair of D48 because I wanted a loudspeaker system processor with flexible routing, Ethernet remote and intuitive GUI. After having used xta 200, 2 and 4 series for some years and having tried the Linea ASC48, the NST was the only one providing all the functionality I desired. ”

Tino had also further invested in the upgraded version of the D48 – the D48S “[The upgrade to] D48S made it even better, just like the implementation of FIR capability. ”

Current D48S Matrix Signal Processor with FIR

His enthusiasm for all things Funktion-One reached new heights when he decided, to make these comparison tests easier, to use one of our VR1 remote wall panels as a remote control, but not in a wall!

F1 purple box for the VR1 – note the purple Ethernet cable too!

Tino sees this accessory as more of a domestic addition than something for work:
“I even built my own VR1 couch remote panel, haha, perfect to do these little 0.5 dB adjustments when listening to music you love on your violet hi-fi!”
This love isn’t just for hardware though – he’s a very happy user of our D-Net software – how he configured his VR1 – and which he also uses to control and tune systems out on gigs as well as in the warehouse for evaluations:

D-Net in charge during set-up… (80s rope lights optional)

“A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of engineering a big Evo 6 / F124 system. We used two F48S (FFA D48S) along with full FFA amplification. D-Net once again proved to be an incredibly useful tool – plug ‘n’ play networking, software running smoothly and user-friendly management of presets.” Tino enthused.
“If possible, I always set up a wireless network and set all adjustments from the audience area. In general, I level main PAs all the time using D-Net.”

He’s a big fan of one of D-Net’s lesser known features too – “One of the best things is being able to use undo/redo for filter parameters and delay times. It allows for easy and quick decisions. ”
In case you’ve not seen that – try Ctrl+Z then Ctrl+Y to access multi-level undo and redo to compare changes…

D-Net monitoring the system during the gig…

“I always found the NST team to be exceptional in terms of support and – most importantly – sharing my passion of making things sound and feel as good as possible.”