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NST Audio D-Net Software in use in Zaandam, Netherlands.


NST Audio ID48 OEMs at The Secret Garden Party Festival


NST Audio D48s in the Netherlands!


NST Audio D48s at Glastonbury!


NST Audio D48 on Kampa Island!


NST Audio D48s Installed into Soho House Berlin

Apple-D-Net Logo Blue

NST Audio D-Net Software now Available for Mac

Click HERE Download it NOW! Version Update Changes: Mac version New crossover page added to Routing Wizard to speed up creation of multi-way crossover settings Copy and paste of device settings on right click menu Copy and paste of input or output channel settings (EQ, crossovers, delay, gain, mute, phase, limiters, compressors, DEQ) on right…


NST Audio D48 in Romania


NST Audio D48 Processors at the Soundclash Festival


In One Audio NST Audio Delivery!

Sleepy & Boo

NST Audio D48 installed into New York club!


ProLight Frankfurt, Germany 2016

A very successful show for NST Audio at this year’s Prolight in Frankfurt, Germany!

NST Audio
NST Audio
Not sure about AES67 and what it can do for you? Read our quick guide to how to swap our Dante-enabled gear into AES67 mode so you can enjoy connecting to a whole new universe of other kit (and still connect to Dante too)!

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NST Audio
NST Audio
Oslo show is go! LLBMessen is open and we are ready to answer any of your questions. Dan's there so come say hello 👍
NST Audio
NST Audio
Are you in Norway this week? Our friends at avon have been busy with their show prep for Sound, Light and Image exhibition in Telenor Arena and we are liking the results! Swing by and see Dan from NST who will be there in person for the whole show!
NST Audio
NST Audio
NST Audio
Got a #lyngdorf MP60 cinema processor? Nice. Want to keep everything digital using the AES67 interface and connect to some amazing quality converters for your final analogue output? Good plan! Here’s how to connect to a VMO16...

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NST Audio
NST Audio
2 x DJ mixers in stereo✔️
Satellite TV audio✔️
Cable sports box audio✔️
Laptop running Spotify✔️
AND even a mobile or a Bluetooth adapter...✔️
then out to:
4 x separate speaker zones✔️
Independent subs✔️
Stereo dancefloor system ✔️
Dancefloor independent subs✔️
...all with a single VMX88L!

Find out how to set this up in 9 minutes here:

#professionalaudio #audiotech #installation #audioengineering #proaudio #soundengineer
NST Audio
NST Audio
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Group Technologies in Victoria, Australia, as our exclusive distributor! With over 20 years in pro-audio, they recently opened a new training and demonstration facility - the largest of its kind in the country. Good on ya!

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