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Parametric EQ Display

D-Net V1.2 Released

D-Net V1.2 release includes the additional following features: Compressor, Matrix, HPF and LPF text boxes added to tab order Bypass All EQ button added to EQ pages Improvement for Retina displays on Mac All Pass Filters added Linking devices while online no longer hangs metering Software now remembers last EQ selected when switching between pages…


D48s at Fusion Festival


NST Audio D-Net Software in use in Zaandam, Netherlands.


NST Audio ID48 OEMs at The Secret Garden Party Festival


NST Audio D48s in the Netherlands!


NST Audio D48s at Glastonbury!


NST Audio D48 on Kampa Island!


NST Audio D48s Installed into Soho House Berlin

Apple-D-Net Logo Blue

NST Audio D-Net Software now Available for Mac

Click HERE Download it NOW! Version Update Changes: Mac version New crossover page added to Routing Wizard to speed up creation of multi-way crossover settings Copy and paste of device settings on right click menu Copy and paste of input or output channel settings (EQ, crossovers, delay, gain, mute, phase, limiters, compressors, DEQ) on right…


NST Audio D48 in Romania


NST Audio D48 Processors at the Soundclash Festival


In One Audio NST Audio Delivery!

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NST Audio
NST Audio3 days ago
Warehouse enough for you? πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘‚πŸ’‹
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NST Audio1 week ago
We’re delighted to introduce two new staff members to you, both of whom started in July, and have liked it enough so far to stay πŸ˜‰

Alex (in jeans) has recently graduated from the University of York and has joined us permanently as a software engineer. Dawid (in shorts) who started on the same day (!) is with us for a year on industrial placement from the very same university.

York is clearly a hotspot for talent, and we hope that they both enjoy working with us!

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NST Audio2 weeks ago
Did you know that the VMX88 can switch between analogue and Dante sources, without needing Dante controller? The two independent matrices means you can store presets with different routing and switch between them without affecting any input or output EQ.

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NST Audio2 weeks ago
Make it yours - Glowup! The VR2 features fully customisable LED sidebars to blend with your venue aesthetic, or to aid user navigation.
Find out NST VR2.

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NST Audio
NST Audio2 weeks ago
Great bit of Q&A and training with the GDS Sound and Light crew this week at their HQ, as they get up to speed on VR1 and VR2 config and what’s in a VMX88.

L-R Chris, John and Charlie, plus cool custom GDS logos πŸ‘Œ
Thanks for having us! πŸ‘

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